• Association for Biorisk Management Conducts Successful 4-Day Training Workshop on Sample Collection, Storage, and Transportation

    The Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) recently organized a highly informative and interactive 4-day training workshop on sample collection, storage, and transportation from May 23 to May 26, 2023. The workshop brought together faculty members and laboratory staff of biological sciences at the University of Chitral.

    Led by renowned biosafety and biosecurity experts, Dr. Shaukat Khan and Dr. Waqar Ahmad, the training sessions were conducted with great expertise and were praised for their interactive and knowledgeable approach. Participants were provided with comprehensive insights into the best practices and techniques for sample collection, storage, and transportation, ensuring the preservation and integrity of samples for various scientific and research purposes.

    The closing ceremony, held on May 26, 2023, was graced by the presence of Dr. Taj Uddin, Acting Vice Chancellor and Provost of the University, who expressed gratitude on behalf of the university administration. Dr. Taj Uddin highlighted the significance of such training programs in the professional development of staff and emphasized the university’s commitment to promoting excellence in research and scientific methodologies.

    Mr. Shah Fahad Ali Khan, Head of the Zoology Department, delivered a vote of thanks, appreciating the exceptional content and the resource persons’ professional and congenial approach throughout the workshop. He acknowledged the valuable support provided by the entire ABM team to the university and expressed his sincere gratitude. Mr. Khan also requested continued collaboration and support from ABM in future endeavors to further strengthen the university’s research capabilities.

    The 4-day training workshop on sample collection, storage, and transportation organized by ABM has not only equipped participants with essential skills and knowledge but has also fostered collaboration and exchange of ideas among professionals in the field. ABM remains committed to providing further support and training opportunities to institutions and individuals in their pursuit of excellence in biosafety and biosecurity practices.