International Relations Office (IRO)

IRO’s main objective at the University of Chitral (UoCH) is to develop and organize international academic activities such as research, faculty and students’ exchanges, conferences, publications, symposiums etc for the faculty and students of UoCH. This would help in the internationalization of the University, which is achieved through mutual MoUs and bilateral and multilateral agreements with universities, academic institutions, and organizations.

Main tasks of IRO at the University of Chitral:

  • Internationalization of the University
  • Develop linkages, relations, MoUs and agreements with universities around the globe
  • Organize faculty and students’ exchange program
  • Promote, organize and facilitate faculty and student mobility across of the country and globe
  • Coordinate and sustain international research, teaching partnerships, networks, and projects with academic institutions and other organizations
  • Organize joint academic and research ventures, symposiums, conferences and publications
  • Gather, organize and disseminate information on international mobility opportunities
  • Facilitate international students and faculty members during their stay at UoCH