Chief Proctor Office

Chief Proctor Message


The Proctorial Board, University of Chitral is striving to prepare the students for competition inculcating characteristics of unity, faith and discipline in tandem with the vision and mission of the University of Chitral. Academic excellence and successful life can’t be dreamed without discipline, sense of responsibility, moral attitude and perseverance. On campus discipline and code of conduct deemed to foster sense of responsibility, tolerance and positive attitude which are vital for success in every sphere of life and talking future challenges.

Dear students, this office encourages you to participate in the academic and co-curricular activities with enthusiasm keeping in view student’s code of conduct, discipline, religious and cultural values. Staff and student proctors are always available to facilitate you. A peaceful and conducive campus environment is vital for academic excellence, and it can’t be achieved without your cooperation.  Discipline you practice during your campus life will be your strength and play a significant role in your successful future. You are expected to be a responsible, well mannered and disciplined member of our community.


Hafiz Ullah
Chief Proctor
University of Chitral