• “Department of Management Sciences at the University of Chitral Forges an Academic-Industry Partnership with State Bank of Pakistan, Selecting 24 Exceptional Students from the University for Prestigious NIBAF Certification and Paid Internship Program”

    The Department of Management Sciences at the University of Chitral organized a comprehensive workshop on Islamic Banking. The workshop, led by esteemed Islamic scholar Mufti Asad Gul and attended by Mr. Saleem, the representative of the State Bank of Pakistan, aimed to enhance knowledge and understanding in the field of Islamic finance.


    The workshop, conducted in the spirit of fostering academic-industry partnerships, provided students and participants with valuable insights into the principles and practices of Islamic banking. Participants had the unique opportunity to engage with Mufti Asad Gul, a renowned authority in Islamic finance, and gain a deeper understanding of Sharia-compliant financial systems.


    As a culmination of the workshop, a quiz was administered to evaluate participants’ comprehension of Islamic banking concepts. Remarkably, 24 diligent students emerged as successful quiz takers, demonstrating their dedication to learning and their commitment to Islamic finance principles.


    These 24 students have been selected to participate in the prestigious NIBAF (National Institute of Banking and Finance) Certification and Paid Internship program. During the internship program, they will have the chance to put their knowledge into practice by working in various Islamic banks. Notably, these internships have the potential to evolve into regular employment opportunities, contingent upon the students meeting specific criteria and exhibiting outstanding performance during their internships, as well as receiving recommendations from the participating banks.


    The collaboration between the University of Chitral’s Department of Management Sciences and the State Bank of Pakistan underscores the commitment of both institutions to fostering academic excellence and providing practical exposure to students. It also reflects the growing importance of Islamic banking and finance in today’s global economy.


    This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for the students of the University of Chitral to gain hands-on experience in the field of Islamic banking and contribute to the growth of the industry. The Department of Management Sciences is proud to facilitate this initiative and looks forward to witnessing the continued success and professional growth of its students in the realm of Islamic finance.