• GLOF II team Visited the University of Chitral

    GLOF II team paid a visit to the University of Chitral, where they held a  meeting with the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Tajuddin Sharar. During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Tajuddin Sharar shed light on the unique challenges that Chitral has been encountering due to climate change. He emphasized the increasing frequency of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs), receding glaciers, and the adverse effects on the region’s water resources and biodiversity. The discussion also touched upon the heightened risk of natural disasters and the need for sustainable development strategies.

    The GLOF II team, comprised of leading experts in glaciology and climate change, expressed their deep concern over the situation faced by Chitral. They acknowledged the vital role that the University of Chitral plays in research, education, and community engagement and proposed a collaborative partnership to work towards finding effective solutions.

    Prof. Dr. Tajuddin Sharar expressed his gratitude for the GLOF II team’s visit. He emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary approaches and international cooperation in addressing the complex challenges of climate change.