• His Excellency Governor KP Haji Ghulam Ali, (Chancellor of the University of Chitral) performed the ground-breaking ceremony for the University of Chitral's main campus.

    Governor KP Haji Ghulam Ali performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the establishment of the University of Chitral main campus. Accompanying him was Chairman HEC, Mukhtar Ahmed. Syed Naveed Hussain Shah, DG of monitoring and evaluation HEC was also present at the occasion.

    During the groundbreaking, Engineer Ziaullah, the Project Director of the University of Chitral, presented the master plan of the new campus to the esteemed Governor. The esteemed Governor appreciated and congratulated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor and the Project Director. The Governor KP and Chairman HEC planted deodar saplings on the university's lawn.

    On the occasion, the Chairman HEC inaugurated the newly established Youth Development Centre, funded by the HEC. In addition, he also inaugurated a state-of-the-art smart classroom, providing modern and technologically advanced learning environments.

    A subsequent program held in the main hall of the University of Chitral brought together key dignitaries, including the Governor KP, the Chairman of HEC, and the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah. Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah extended a warm welcome to the guests and provided insights into the university's achievements and challenges. The Vice-Chancellor also highlighted the funding issues faced by the University of Chitral and requested the Chairman HEC to make efforts to include the University of Chitral in the HEC budget.

    In his address, Chairman HEC stressed the paramount importance of research and urged faculty members to actively engage in research activities for the betterment of society. He called upon the provincial government to address issues faced by public sector universities, particularly financial challenges and reassured unwavering support for the University of Chitral.

    His Excellency Governor KP Haji Ghulam Ali echoed the importance of enhancing the quality of education in public sector universities. Despite substantial investments, he expressed concerns about the current state of education and emphasized the need for a renewed focus on research endeavors.

    The program concluded with a token of appreciation as Governor KP, Chairman HEC, and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral distributed shields to notable contributors in the area who have played a pivotal role in the advancement of the University.

    This groundbreaking ceremony marks a significant step towards the future development and academic excellence of the University of Chitral, reflecting the collective commitment of government officials, educational leaders, and the local community.