• Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization and Green Youth Movement (GYM) Club organized a training session titled “Phase-II Kitchen Gardening” Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization organized a training session titled “Phase- II Kitchen Gardening” on October 26, 2022.

    This training was conducted under the visionary leadership of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral Prof.Dr Zahir Shah. He is committed to improving the research position of the University of Chitral worldwide. The purpose of kitchen gardening is to produce organic vegetables for home use without pesticides and chemicals. Furthermore, it helped to promote research and innovative skills among the students of Chitral University.
    Dr. Ishfaq Hameed HOD of Botany and Dr. Syed Fahad Ali Shah HOD of Economics were the organizers of the event. More than 21 faculty members and 201 students of the University of Chitral attended the occasion. Members of the GYM club were also present at the event.
    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf, Director of Agricultural Research Station, Chitral Lower addressed the students and highlighted the benefits of kitchen gardening with special emphasis on heavy metal-free vegetables for the Chitral region. He said that market vegetables are grown in rural and urban areas where they are irrigated with polluted water which brings negative health effects.
    Dr. Syed Fahad Ali Shah, HOD Economics department also addressed the students and explained that the agriculture sector plays a very important role in sustainable economic growth. For developing countries like Pakistan, the first step is to invest in the agricultural sector by investing in new technologies. This will have a significant impact on Pakistan's green jobs and overall production.
    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf, Director of Agricultural Research Station, Chitral Lower, and Dr. Muhammad Romman, Additional Director ORIC/Chief Organizer, distributed certificates among the participants.
    Dr. Muhammad Naseer, Senior Research Officer, Agriculture Research Station, Chitral was the resource person for the session. The training concluded with a question and answer session from students and faculty members.