• Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab Assumes Additional Charge as Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral

    Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab assumed the responsibilities as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral on an additional charge basis, on May 13, 2024.

    Following the official assumption of charge, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab convened an introductory session with the section heads of the University of Chitral

    The Honorable Vice Chancellor also held a separate meeting with the faculty members. During this meeting, he discussed financial and administrative issues faced by the University. During the meeting, he stressed the need for timely and effective covering of the syllabi. The efficient organization of assets and the establishment of an endowment fund were also touched upon. These measures, he asserted, are essential for enhancing the financial sustainability of the University.

    In his discussions, the Honorable Vice Chancellor underscored the significance of expediting progress on Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) projects. These initiatives play a pivotal role in advancing the University's infrastructure and academic capabilities.

    He expressed his desire to manage University affairs with feedback from different tiers of the University and other stakeholders until a regular Vice-Chancellor is appointed. He earnestly hopes that the University of Chitral has great potential to evolve into a hub of excellent learning for the students of Chitral and adjoining areas.

    Furthermore, he also discussed the challenges and issues within each department.