• The Youth Empowerment Club (YEC) University of Chitral, in collaboration with Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), organized a remarkable event to commemorate World Teachers’ Day.

    The event took place in the university’s main auditorium and was a tremendous success, honoring the invaluable role of teachers in shaping our nation’s future.

    The event was moderated by Jamshid Ahmad, 8th semester BS English student and the President of YEC, along with Marwa Kali, a student of BS English (4th Semester) and cabinet member of YEC. It featured the following highlights:

    1. The event commenced with eloquent speeches delivered by students, centering around the theme of World Teachers’ Day. These speeches emphasized the significance of educators in society and their profound impact on students’ lives.

    2. Students displayed their creative talents by reciting heartfelt poems dedicated to teachers. The verses were filled with appreciation and gratitude for the guidance and wisdom provided by educators.

    3. A tribute in the form of a video anthem was displayed on a large projector, captivated the audience and further emphasized the significance of teachers in society. The visual representation added a dynamic and emotional dimension to the event.

    4. A compelling stage drama was performed by students, highlighting the pivotal role teachers play in nation-building. The drama underscored the importance of education in fostering a prosperous and progressive society.

    5. In a heartwarming gesture, the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Zahir Shah, and District Coordinator of HHRD Shuja Ul Haq Baig distributed gifts among the esteemed teachers, recognizing their dedication and hard work in shaping the future of the students.

    6. A celebratory atmosphere enveloped the venue as attendees joined in the cake-cutting ceremony. The cake symbolizes the sweetness and joy that teachers bring into the lives of their students.

    7. Mr. Shuja Ul Haq Baig, District Coordinator of HHRD, provided an insightful orientation about the activities and mission of HHRD. This session aimed to promote awareness about HHRD’s efforts in supporting education and humanitarian causes.

    8. Rizwan Ahmad, General Secretary of YEC, presented an overview of the Youth Empowerment Club University of Chitral, highlighting its past achievements, milestones, and future plans. This session inspired students to get involved in initiatives that empower youth.

    9. The event concluded with closing remarks from the honorable Vice-Chancellor, who expressed gratitude to all participants, emphasized the importance of teachers in shaping the nation’s future, and encouraged students to continue their academic journeys with dedication and enthusiasm. Additionally, he discussed the recent accomplishments of the institution, appreciated the efforts of YEC, and announced a reward of Rs.10,000 for the club.