• University of Chitral Clarifies Misrepresentation of Video on Social Media

    In response to a video circulating on social media depicting students singing and clapping, the University of Chitral issues this statement to clarify the context and address any misconceptions surrounding the video.


    The video in question, which has recently gained attention, is three years old and involves students from a private educational institution. It is important to note that these students were not enrolled at the University of Chitral at the time. Therefore, any association made between the actions displayed in the video and University is completely false and misleading.


    The University of Chitral places a high value on upholding Islamic principles and promoting a respectful and inclusive learning environment. We emphasize that the actions depicted in the video are strictly prohibited by the university, as they are contrary to our core values and beliefs.


    It is crucial to clarify that when the video came to the attention of the university administration three years ago, immediate and appropriate action was taken against the students involved from the private educational institution. They were promptly expelled from the premises as a result of their behavior.


    The University of Chitral remains committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all its students, where they can pursue their studies while upholding the Islamic values that underpin our institution. We encourage the public to verify the information before making any judgments based on misleading or outdated content.


    For further inquiries or clarifications, please contact the University Media Relations Office at 0333 3448494