• University of Chitral participated in 5th Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference (SoTL), under the theme “Shaping Tomorrow Together”

    A delegation of faculty members from the University of Chitral enthusiastically engaged in the 5th Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference (SoTL) held at the Aga Khan University, Karachi, from October 16-18, 2023. The conference, themed "Shaping Tomorrow Together: Transformative Teaching for Engaged Learning," witnessed the active involvement of diverse faculty members, including Mr. Basharat Hussain (team leader, Department of Political Science), Dr. Anwar Ali Shah (Department of English), Dr. Syed Fahad Ali (Department of Economics), Mr. Fathul Bari (Zoology), Mr. Hafizullah (Department of Botany), and Mr. Malik Roman (Computer Science Department).

                Our faculty members participated in pre-conference workshops aligned with their interests, covering themes such as "AI comes to class: Teaching and Learning with Generative AI," "Emotional Intelligence for Educators: Strengthening Teaching and Interpersonal Skills," and "Academic Writing," among others. The workshops provided valuable insights and innovative ideas, enhancing our teaching methods for the future.

                The entire conference proved to be a remarkable learning experience for the University of Chitral faculty. Keynote addresses, presentations, and concluding remarks were rich in knowledge, contributing significantly to our professional development.

                The takeaway for our faculty members extended beyond personal growth to encompass broader exposure to academic learning. The journey from Chitral to Karachi was an intriguing experience, especially for those visiting Karachi for the first time. Engaging in workshops and conferences at the Aga Khan University, alongside participants from diverse backgrounds, added a unique dimension to our experience. Interactions and connections forged with academic peers facilitated the exchange of ideas, while discussions on teaching methodologies were valuable additions.

                A pivotal meeting with the Quality Teaching team, led by Mrs. Abeer, provided an avenue for expressing feedback and exploring possibilities for future collaboration. We express our gratitude to the Faculty of Quality Teaching and Learning teams, especially Dr. Tashmin Khamis, for extending the invitation to the University of Chitral, accommodating our request for increased participation, and ensuring the seamless execution of the program. Special thanks to the AKU team, including Dr. Faisal Notta, Abeer, Aly Jafferani, Amir, and Afsha, for their impeccable coordination and arrangements for travel and accommodations. The entire program, from start to finish, unfolded brilliantly, adhering to the planned script.

                The collaboration between AKU and Uoch holds promising potential, not only in quality teaching and learning but also in various other fields. Such programs significantly benefit the newly established University of Chitral, situated in the mountainous north, by reinforcing the quality of teaching and academic programs. We express our gratitude once again and eagerly anticipate future engagements.