• Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, Handed Over NOCs to HoDs for Launch of MPhil Programs at University of Chitral

    In a significant stride towards academic excellence and research advancement, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, officially handed over No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to the Head of Departments for the launch of MPhil programs at the University of Chitral from the current semester. A brief but dignified ceremony was organized at the Vice Chancellor’s office to commemorate this milestone.


    The Vice-Chancellor expressed his satisfaction at this development, hailing it as a great achievement for the University of Chitral. He acknowledged the tireless dedication and commitment of the concerned heads of departments in making this vision a reality.


    The NOCs handed over to the respective heads of departments serve as a testament to the university’s dedication to providing advanced education and research opportunities for its students. These MPhil programs will undoubtedly provide a platform for scholars to delve deeper into their chosen fields, contributing to academic and intellectual growth.


    The university looks forward to welcoming aspiring scholars and researchers to be part of these new MPhil programs.