• Vice Chancellor University of Chitral Meets His Excellency Mr. Mehmet PAÇACI The Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan

    Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, Vice Chancellor, University of Chitral, met His Excellency Prof. Mehmet PAÇACI, The Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan in his office on 27.10.2023. His Excellency the Ambassador and his team extended warm welcome to the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor briefly shared with him some of the unique features of Chitral such as the presence of Kalash Valleys, Shandur Polo Festival, Geo Strategic location, and several untapped natural resources. Vice Chancellor mentioned that Kalash Valley is a source of attraction for people all around the world. The unique culture and way of living of the Kalash people make them different from the rest of the people. Similarly, the Shandur polo festival is one of the wildest and oldest polo festivals on earth. Shandur polo ground is at Shandur Pass on the border between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The unique location of the polo ground makes it a popular destination for adventure seekers and polo enthusiasts. Moreover, Chitral is, in no way, less significant than Gwadar. Its proximity to China, Afghanistan, and Central Asia (Tajikistan, etc) further adds to its importance. There is a narrow strip of about 5-10 km between Chitral and Tajikistan. If a passage is provided through Afghanistan, Chitral’s geo-strategic position can be greatly enhanced with access to central Asia. The Chitral district has large reserves of granite, gemstones, and metals. Others include the presence of huge potential for hydropower, tourism, and minerals. Of 7253 known glaciers, 543 occur in the Chitral valley. Glaciers are a distinctive source of fresh water for irrigation, drinking, and industrial water supplies for the people living in those regions and downstream. The Vice-Chancellor also shared with him the ongoing programs of the University of Chitral. His excellency showed great interest in most of the programs of the university and offered to develop linkages with some of the universities and other organizations in Turkey. He has particularly shown interest in developing a collaborative project on Thermal energy using the Hot Water Spring resource in Chitral for greenhouse agriculture, geothermal health tourism, and others. He also showed interest in the Tourism program of the university. The Vice-Chancellor invited him and his team to visit the University of Chitral when convenient and he gracefully accepted the invitation. Mr. Mehmet TOYRAN Education Councilor, Mrs Belkis UĞURLU Visa Section, and Dr. Tahir Shah Education Section were also present at the occasion.