• Vice Chancellor's Inspection of Ongoing interviews for admission to MPhil degree Program:

    The Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral, Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the ongoing interviews for admissions to the MPhil degree program across various departments of the university. The meticulous scrutiny was aimed at ensuring a seamless and transparent selection process for prospective MPhil candidates.
    Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, accompanied by key university officials, visited interview venues and engaged with faculty members involved in the evaluation process. The Vice-Chancellor expressed his contentment with the arrangements made for the interviews, commending the meticulous planning and execution by the university staff.
    The Vice-Chancellor reiterated the importance of a fair and merit-based selection process in maintaining the university's academic excellence. He emphasized that the MPhil program plays a pivotal role in nurturing research and intellectual development among students.