• YPDC University of Chitral Chapter’s Cabinet approved

    Young Peace and Development Corps (YPDC) is an initiative of the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reforms in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The program aims to engage youth in the development discourse and conflict resolution processes as a policy tool to ensure socioeconomic inclusiveness. It prepares the youth for their future roles across different sectors from where they can contribute positively and bring positive socioeconomic change. It provides a platform for societal processes (Debate/ Consensus building exercises/Religious Tolerance/Cultural Tolerance etc.), leading to more peaceful societies.

    Under this project, empowered “Young Champions of Social Change” are created within safe spaces on campuses also called YPDC Chapters. Currently, there are 80 plus YPDC Chapters across the country. These chapters organize, mobilize, and engage with a wider youth audience to limit their vulnerability towards violence and extremism and take part in policymaking to direct their energies toward development and productivity.

    In this connection, the YPDC University of Chitral Chapter has been established and the following cabinet has been approved.


    1.      Jamshid Ahmad  (President)

    2.     Sabahat Rahim Baig (Vice President)

    3.     Abdul Wadood  (General Secretary)

    4.     Azmat Ullah  (Media Relation Officer)

    5.     Leena Shuragali  (Executive Council Member)